born again

born again

George took 8 long-suffering years to convince the Law Society of the Northern Provinces that he was a fit and proper person to be re-admitted on the roll of attorneys … more proof was needed to persuade the Judges that his rehabilitation was complete, his reform of his character permanent. In 2002 George was duly re-admitted as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa.

He was “born again” into the legal profession. Significantly his re-admission was not so widely reported as his removal, although the issues in argument were more grievious in the first mentioned than the latter.

On the day he was re-admitted, Judge de Villiers found the affidavit of Rabia(Nellie) Valjie most convincing in that it was the first time he had a mother-in-law testifying for her son-in-law .

1990 was a long time ago when his trouble started with the loss of his 200 shares to his father. During the same year there was an incident at the Alldayshotel …… George stopped with his Mercedes 280se to buy a bottle of J&B whiskey … he was bare feet without a shirt, wearing the long trousers of his suit from the previous day … his black garment was at the back seat …

George put the gown on and entered the bar as the new “dominee” in town preaching to the guests about their drinking habits. This thought came to mind when he passed the hotel on his visit to the grave-yard at Alldays where oupa Org, oumaPoppie and his father Hendrik were buried … their tomb-stones reminded him of good old days … it was time for closure.

During October 2008 his eldest daughter, Dhiana, was admitted at the Academic hospital at Pretoria … she had built-in ventrical shunts in her head as result of pre-natal meningitis … these shunts were blocked … her condition rare in that she needed an endoscopic operation between the brain and the skull to create a passage. She was booked in the neuro-surgeon section of the hospital for 3 months.

Pastor Solly of the Beersheba Church arranged accommodation for George and Ayesha at their home next to the hospital.The black Pastor went every day to pray for Dhiana … her head swollen with water draining into a plastic holder.

Ayesha refused to leave her child at the hospital, so George had to drive home … take care of the other 2 girls and his business at Polokwane … then return to the hospital over week-ends. Buckets of water drained from Dhiana’s head before Prof. van Rensburg and Doctor Shapiro succeeded with the operation. Against all odds she recovered completely.

George was praying all the time during this ordeal … the ultimate test of faith. The day Dhiana was discharged they were all full of joy, praising God all the way home for this miraculous recovery.

Ma Rabia (Nellie) Valjie 1919-2011 passed away on the 12th of April 2011 . The funeral an eye-opener to George . Her body was taken immediately by the muslim women to be washed (ghusal) , thereafter the body wrapped in white linen (kafin) taken to a house for prayers . At 19h00 on the same day her body was taken by the muslim men to the grave and buried in the same white linen.

Few people are privileged to discover the religion, tradition and culture of other groups first hand. Since the early 90’s George was living at Nirvana, Polokwane, amongst the Indian population, mostly muslim.

He remembered a Prof. van Selms at Pretoria university in 1971, in his Hebrew class, who used to teach the students about the two similar stories regarding Adam and Eve, the one in Hebrew and the other in Arabic. When he was introduced to The Holy Quran, George searched the scriptures about the life of JESUS … he was pleasantly surprised:

S. III. 46 “He shall speak to the people In childhood and in maturity …”

48 “And Allah will teach him The Book and Wisdom, The Law and the Gospel”

59 “The similitude of Jesus Before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, Then said to him: ‘Be’ : And he was.”

S. IV. 158 “Nay, Allah raised him up Unto Himself; and Allah Is Exalted in Power, Wise.”

159 “And there is none Of the People of the Book But must believe in him Before his death; And on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness Against them.”

His study of this Book, similar to his Bible, has revealed the unknown … the confirmation of his belief … the manifestation of his faith … the other side of the coin … his best friend …. YeshuaElohim is alive, raised from the dead … there was a time when he doubted himself and every teaching in his life … this Book acknowledges the birth of Jesus as a miracle.

His understanding of Faith of Abraham in the Old Testament improved … God’s covenant with Abraham … the zam-zam-water that Muslim retrieves on his pilgrim to Mecca made sense … Hagar and Ishmael in the desert … the Muslim believes that Abraham was not a Jew and that he had to sacrifice Ismail … the Jew does not believe in Jesus Christ and they crucified him … a better understanding of the war between Jews and Palestinians.

In fact, a miracle has happened in George’s life. The power of the Holy Spirit removed his craving for alcohol, he was healed from rejection by his family, from all the hurt and pain, and he turned his life around.

The amazing truth of the matter is that the requirements of the law regarding his re-instatement as an attorney had improved the standard of life, however it was his personal inter-action with his Creator that caused this major fundamental change in his life.

George had time to stop and smell the roses … to look around and count his blessings … to find that place in his heart to forgive and forget and to pray with his best friendYeshua:

Father: May your holy name be honoured; may your Kingdom come.

Give us day by day the food we need.

Forgive our sins, for we forgive everyone who does us wrong.

And do not bring us hard testing.

Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.


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