mind over matter

mind over matter

George Kleynhans

True life

Chapter1   Mind over matter

Chapter2   Lawyer on safari

Chapter3   Hunting memos

Chapter4   No law without justice

Chapter5   Mafia at work

Chapter6   Peace of mind


Chapter7  Review

Chapter8  Alcoholic Anonymous



Chapter10   Last dance with the devil


Chapter11   African tradition


Chapter12  Legal advice

mind over matter

GEORGE was born on the 18th of March 1953 at BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA, after his mother survived 3 days of the complications at birth with a Ceasarian. His parents, MARIA MAGDALENA and HENDRIK TERBLANS, lived on the farm LOSDORINGS in the district of WESSELSBRON, FREE STATE.

The salt lake on the farm welcomes you to a moon landscape leading to the house on the hill that was built from rock and stone a previous millennium.

The family, attended to NederduitseGereformeerdeKerk, in a black-and-white community at the beginning of apartheid. George was born into a believe-in-miracles family who renewed their blood-river-vow to God every year on the 16th of December, die slag van BLOEDRIVIER, when a small group of white Afrikaners overcame the Zulus.

Farmer Hendrik, the chairman at this festival, and his wife Rita (Maria), with the birth of her first child almost a miracle, were the leaders of this all-white congregation, this event being a national holiday leading up to a not-so-white Christmas every year.

George was more interested in his mother’s milk, suckling at her breasts until the age of 5 years. This healthy boy with silksoft dark brown hair, hazel eyes and good looks, was supposed to be in a city at a nursing home, not on a farm becoming a cowboy.

The old house was haunted … his mother used to hang thick pieces of pig-skin-fat over the doors on the outside … at night the old wooden window frames could suddenly rattle or the old wooden floor sounded like somebody dragging a body in the passage… The sign or an omen for things to come ….

One Sunday afternoon while his parents entertained the bank manager of Volkskas, George was on the roof of an outside toilet, those with a big hole in the ground. The shit-hole was full and shit happens …. George had a great fall, diving to the ground, his forehead was cut by a stone. His parents rushed him to the hospital about 20 km away with a gaping wound bleeding profusely….

It is never a good time for brain damage, but the boy was supposed to be a genius. The ten stitches have put George’s head together again, however we will never know the extent of damages inflicted by that stone as he appeared to be somehow retarded for the next couple of years.

In the farm school – 11 other pupils in the all-white farm-school with 1 pensioned old lady as a teacher – George’s mind was opposite the road at Losdorings general dealer where his mother was the shop-owner, supplying refreshments during schoolbreaks. Every day he couldn’t wait for school to close to reach his black friends at home on his bicycle.

Torontier, a young bushman-like best friend, rounding up the horses in the kraal, was always ready and willing to go hunting with George … the two cowboys with airgun and .22-rifle looking for rabbit, meerkat, birds or anything that moves in the field around the salt lake. They played in the mud, skinny-dipped in the farm dam, braai any meat they got their hands on – life was uncomplicated and full of fun ….

Nature has a way to teach a farmboy about birds and the bees. The bull and cow, stallion and mare, ram and ewe … even the birds were doing it … reproduction was in his face all the time … as a matter of fact. The time the boy found a penis in his pants was not just to pass water … it’s all in the mind, was when his mother found a young black girl to babysit his small brother and there was a strange attraction.

Kidebone, a long legged black beauty of about 14 yrs, was more matured and not shy at all … to make matters better for premature sex, and she had all the time in the world to seduce George … they were all alone in the big farmhouse. She sat on the carpet with her panty shining in the sun … held his hand in a way … saying, come on, George. This first experience was such a heavenly feeling the boy could not get enough. From that day George would never miss an opportunity for sex again.

George DiederickKleynhans was named after his grand father, oupa Org, member of the provincial council and Ossewa-Brandwag. Grand mother, oumaPoppie, reminded them about the concentration camps of the anglo-boer-war. Their choice of an Afrikaans-medium high school at Bloemfontein was obvious. Our boy was a fast learner… large built and well endowered with muscle, he was a good athlete with a natural talent for football and sport.

There was no time to ponder about his deep dark secret of Losdorings, too many pretty young white girls demanded his attention. There is always a first time for everything. His first date was at a cinema or movie theatre … all the standard 6 boys of Sentraal hostel were paraded to meet all the standard 6 girls.

The one next to George was a little chubby, very busty with sexy soft lips … the lights went out, not much time for talking … Her breast was more than a handful and while they kissed, her hand searched for his private … and then with movements on the right places … all that remained was a wet handkerchief to prove his manhood and the fond memory of the busty sexy girl.

At Losdorings his mother Rita was pregnant with his baby sister. After the birth of Elmarie his father decided it was time to sell the farm in the Free State and follow Oupa Org, who had moved to Alldays district Zoutpansberg in the Northern province of South Africa.

The Kleynhans family, with the help of oupa Org, became the proud owners of 3 game farms around ALLDAYS, Concordia, Campfornis and Riversdale. The prospects could not be better … this time George could become a real hunter of game in the bushveld, with rifles ranging from .243, 7mm to a .375 magnum, to kill from small buck to lion and elephant.

The family settled at the farm RIVERSDALE with a large, modern farmhouse in a garden like Eden, acres of lawn, flowers and fruit trees together with very large shady trees. This farm about 10 km from Alldays on the main road, was a model cattle farm in the savannah or bushveld, with rooibos trees with leaves to feed cows and sandveld with tall grass.

The variety of trees from soetdoring to maroela made for rooibok and kudu country about 2,000 ha. Hendrik and Rita were in the prime of their lives. The house soon became a guesthouse to important people, so-called friends, who became hunters overnight.

George saw an Arabic stallion at the neighbours and troubled his parents to buy the horse and a black cowboy saddle for hunting. He trained the horse with a long rope fastened to his bridle not to run away when a shot was fired … for the best way to approach game on horseback, then he even practised to shoot moving targets … a deadly combination. Whenever any hunter suffered to find game he was summoned from school to shoot a kudu or rooibok for biltong.

His namesake, uncle Org, father Hendrik’s youngest brother, wanted to shoot a kudu for his wife, so he joined George on a Willys Jeep to the farm Concordia near the Botswana. This is a wild area with lots of game. Uncle Org, hunting with his .303 with open sights, could not find a kudu all afternoon. George shot a blue wildebeest.

It was already late in the afternoon when farmworkers removed the inside of wildebeest for meat and they left for home on the farm road deep in the bushveld. Uncle Org, in the passenger seat, windshields down, was still looking for his kudu.

Before sunset, along the fence after they passed the massive baobab tree, George noticed movement about 200 yrds away looking like kudu. Uncle Org aimed and fired. After a few seconds the “kudu” dropped to the side of the fence …… as the jeep got closer George saw the bicycle first and then a black man lying under the fence and asked: “Did you get hurt?”

It was a disaster … the .303 steel bullet has gone through his heart and the man was gasping his last breath. While George closed the eyes and mouth, Uncle Org was walking all around the jeep shouting: “O God, tonight I’m sleeping in jail!”

Uncle Org stayed with the body while George drove to Alldays on a very dark, scary, dirt road to Oupa Org, the only person who could help. The SAP regarded the shooting as a hunting accident but uncle Org was still found guilty of culpable homicide with a warning by the Court whereafter he never held a rifle again.

George was moved to Pietersburg High School at Pietersburg in standard 8. The hostel Voorwaartskoshuis in Pietersburg was home away from home. By this time George enjoyed life in a hostel with all his friends. He excelled at scool with the highest marks, the first in his class, became hostel and school prefect in 1969. He played for the first team rugby, swim and targetshooting and the fastest athlete over 100 meters.

There he met his first love … in standard 9 this kind of love could last for ever. The school organised an environmental tour to Kwa-zulu in a school bus. Teachers and everybody booked in one of the oldest hotels in Durban. It was no honeymoon, but it was time to consummate their relationship on a single bed.

The problem was that the boys slept on the 1st floor, the teachers on the 2nd, and the girls on the 3rd floor. The fire-escape was the only route available, so he slept with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees to be awake at 02h00. Condom in hand, he made it to the room on the third floor … the girl on the other bed pretended to be asleep while she witnessed passionate making of love for about 5 minutes … then it was all over.

1970 was a real milestone in his life … this year he passed matric with distinction, receiving his school colours for academic achievement of above 75% average in all subjects including mathematics, science and latin … and outstanding performance at sports. The department of water affairs awarded a bursary for the study of engineering at university.

The University of Pretoria welcomed George in 1971 at the department of engineering. Mopanie hostel his new home …… his father spoiled him with a new Opel Manta. After one month of machine drawings he was convinced that his mother was right … he was a candidate to become a minister for the kingdom of God … he changed his course to theology and studied Latin, Hebrew, new testament Greek, English and Afrikaans in his first year.

At the end of his first year he realised that his calling to work for God was a mistake. Confused by all the girls at varsity, he met Vera with legs walking on eggs. She lead him further astray to the parking lot at the Union buildings … the seats in the Manta were rolled down … the lever of the handbrake was in the way to get to the other seat. After action, George, deep in thought, pushed the clutch … the car moved slowly into another car where the couple were still busy … the lover forgot to ask his address.

There was no other lawyer in the family. Study of Latin, referring to contra bonos mores, convinced him to change his studies to the law profession. Some of his courses, like Latin, Greek, English, Philosophy and Sociology, were credited to the B.Proc-degree at the University of South Africa. George started his new career in January 1973.

The second year at law, the first year at UNISA, he passed only one subject … the Introduction to Law … a humble experience and hard lesson to learn … thereafter he was jurisprudent and never failed a course again. In all matters he kept his mind firm on law. But then came a not-so-dumb, dutch and qualified nurse….

This brilliant law student was entitled to one BIG mistake and this was IT … the young lady with long golden red hair was engaged to be married to the son of Judge … on the rebound from the broken promise, she was more than willing to get married and must have been tired of living at the nurse’s home,  whatever the case may be George was there and with his brains in his pants, he saw his children in her blue eyes.

Oupa Org and his father warned him not to get married … the top-hat-and-tail suit was already hired, his bride-to-be together with the family on their way to Alldays to a horse-and-cart wedding. The couple wasted no time and Yoka was pregnant within first 3 months of marriage. The mother-in-law, strictly visited their flat in Pretoria when it was time for her daughter to give birth and George was more strictly prohibited from smoking in his flat.

George and Yoka moved to Springs on the east-rand of Johannesburg in 1975. OupaHendrik was so proud of his first grandson, Henk, he assisted them to buy a double-story house. George was still a candidate attorney contracted to attorney, Chris Venter, in Springs, but Yoka was appointed to a pharmaceutical company as a sales-representative.

Yoka was the main breadwinner, driving a company car, medical aid and a good salary, she controlled the household in style. George was left to attend to the young boy while she was selling pharmaceuticals to medical doctors, sometimes sleeping away from home ….

Mother Rita sent a black girl from the farm to help with housework and child while they were at work … unaware of his deep dark secret. This was another mistake, as Maria and Yoka were about the same age … she helped out with more than just work.

Attorney Venter was born blind, the best principal for the training of a candidate attorney, preparing all his court cases with George, they went to Delmas, Nigel and Springs Courts teaching him the art of cross-examination. George wrote his final exams and completed his B.Proc degree at the end of 1976, passed his admission exams and was admitted as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa in 1977.

The joy of his success was short-lived as he also received his call-up documents to report for national defence duty to the South African Airforce. After 6 weeks basic training, he was appointed as lieutenant to serve in the legal section for the next 2 years 1977-78. His parents bought a farm at Bapsfontein with a massive house, accommodation for more than 2 families. The Airforce allowed him to sleep at home but he was seldom home.

It was a great surprise when Yoka announced her pregnancy during August 1977, as George was hardly home … but then nobody suspected her of sleeping around and nobody knew she was in love with their neighbour. Monica was born in April 1978.

He had a ominous dream during this time about the future … he was floating in the sky with a beautiful young lady … it was almost heavenly, like an angel she was holding his hand ……. Suddenly they reached a place like Eden with a warning at the gate, “no entry”!

The next moment he was on the second floor of a collosseum in Rome facing a man armed with ironballs … the first floor he overcame a man armed with spears. In the arena he was fighting a gladiator with swords …… but then he was in the dungeon, locked up with a woman. She had utmost shining beauty … then turned around with evil eyes in a horrible face … he was so scared that he shouted the name of “JESUS” …the wall broke to the outside and he woke up.

George had a long battle ahead of him before he could start counting 40 days to civil life and his own practise at law, He was defending  a-wallers, deserters or thieves at Court-Martials all over the country and South West Africa.

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