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Ayesha & George

George held the record for shooting 9 kudu before breakfast on the open field behind the Soutpansberg, however his obsession with hunters on safari died during the long drought at Alldays when he had to buy feed to keep the animals alive.

During 1988 he registered a new company, Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd, with 300 shares on his name. The company took transfer of the farm Campfornis from his father against payment of R400,000-00.

The only way to save the farm was to sell some shares and he published an advert in the Sunday papers. Alex, from Pretoria, came to his rescue, trading a mansion of a house at Magalieskruin for two-thirds of the shares at Campfornis. His father, Hendrik, was so impressed with this triple-story house in Pretoria, George decided to give the house to his parents.

The bank manager at Pietersburg helped him to purchase a house in Bendor, suburb of Pietersburg. His ex-wife Yoka and the children were living there. It was nearer to the farm, but somebody should have warned him about the snakes and reptiles still around Pandorah’s Box.

At first the change was good, he could spend time with his children, Yoka was visiting all the time and they even dicussed the possibility of living together. That was until Lenie arrived with all her clothes in the car. She was 8 months pregnant …… she had left him when she was 3 months pregnant, he was not even sure if this was his child and completely taken by surprise. With mixed emotions he agreed to look after her until the child was born.

George was confused. He was still married to Lenie with divorce pending, but his children were priority with his ex-wife. The pastor at the church could not solve this problem. Shortly after the birth of her child, Lenie and her family were caught in the act of loading furniture from the house on a truck while George was not there … a final betrayal.

The day came that would change his life forever. It was June 1989. By this time he was praying for a soulmate. There was a knock on the front door …… when he opened an Indian friend, Alli, told him he brought an applicant for the position of secretary in the law firm.

In walked Ayesha, with curriculum vitae in her hand. George looked at her, told her she got the position, but that he was going to marry her. She was shocked, embarrassed, and walked out. The meeting was short and sweet. Lasting in his mind was her picture… a coke-bottle figure with an inner-kind beauty that he never experienced before.

The controversial immorality act has been uplifted, however Pietersburg was a place where apartheid was still ruled by book … besides he was still defending the claim of half million rand by Lenie with divorce proceedings pending. OumaPoppie, at the age of 90 yrs, was visiting with him and he managed to persuade Ayesha to come and cook dinner for them. The ice was broken.

OumaPoppie loved this girl, who was 10 shades darker than her grand-son. She even chased George with her stick when he was getting too forward. Ayesha was living with her mother, Nellie, who insisted that George marry her daughter before she moved to his house.

George was still married but no problem was insurmountable for these lovers … she was muslim and the book of marriages was not available in the register of the South African law during apartheid.

The Nikkaa-marriage arranged with her family, he could prepare for the big day …. George arrived early on 30th of June 1989, at Nellie’s house in Nirvana. He was not allowed to see his bride … when they see each other again, they will be married by proxy signed … Alli took him to the bathroom and handed him a packet of hair-removal … arm-pits and private parts to be removed.

Dressed with his best suit they waited for the Mulana … the “priest” arrived dressed in a white curta … told George to choose a muslim name … the closest to the Bible he could think of was Sulliman … he was then asked to repeat some arabic phrases after the Mulana … he signed the book ……. “Sulliman” was married to Ayesha.

The ceremony was hush-hush, only witnesses and a few family members to congratulate them. George took his new “wife” to his house in Bendor. He could not wait to reach home … he was allergic to the product of hair-remover and his scrotum was on fire … the pharmacy sent him deepheat by mistake and he had to wait for other cream with a fan blowing on his private parts.

This living-together arrangement sparked the white community at Bendor on fire, his family… and even the other wives. The house phone was a hotline of complaints. Lenie phoned and demanded to speak to her husband. He told her that he was married and the phone went quiet … then came the loud voice: “I will charge you for bigamy!”

Yoka was more quiet and dangerous … she got married to a Willie and refused George to see the children. He complained about maintenance and suggested to the magistrate that he was ready to sign if and when Willie wanted to adopt them.

George opened his law practice at Pietersburg in August 1989 practising for own account under name and style of George Kleynhans Attorney. He had not experienced any discrimination, prosecution, persecution or other consequences of apartheid before …. The real meaning of these terms were on The other Side of OPPOSITE …… and he had just arrived.

Alex was in default with his payment on the farm, in breach of the terms of his agreement with George to hold 200 shares in Alldays Escape (pty)Ltd …. He issued summons against Alex for the recovery of these shares.

His father, Hendrik, living in the house at Pretoria, being available to collect the settlement and court order from his correspondents, went to the auditors and registered these 200 shares … not on George’s name as he should have done but on HendrikTerblans.

George was astounded to learn from his father on the phone that he, George, was a traitor and would be dis-inherited from the last testament and will. On the contrary this was a case of fraud, as he had been unlawfully dis-owned from his property, being the farm Campfornis. He issued summons against his father for the delivery of his shares.

Lenie claimed a half million rand in her divorce proceedings against him, George was not in a hurry to collect these shares from his father …… at home Ayesha was expecting their first child in May 1990.

It stands to reason that if you live by the gun you die by the gun, however George was living as a criminal defense lawyer. Despite of all the death threats on the phone, he was in court every day with a case … in so many cases that he was nicknamed by his black clients as … “kill the prosecutor, kill the case.”

A para-legal organisation of the ANC was supporting him. He registered this close corpration as Legal Defence Assurance, giving Ayesha all the share-holder interest thereof. Clients raised to a thousand members within a few months … these offices were next to his law office in the main street of Pietersburg.

The all-white judicial assault on George and his character came in Pietersburg since the early 1990’s. This well orchestrated attack started with arrests by the police … then charges on alleged crimes committed … long expensive trials at court … and finally the publication thereof in the local newspaper about the controversial attorney…

The charges ranged from traffic offences to murder … 9 times in all … most of these charges witdrawn. In fact, he was not found guilty on any charge at court … but the damage to his reputation was done, the most effective way being to attack his bread and butter … in his case … criminal defense attorney supposed to defend clients was charged himself.

The battles at Pietersburg continued but George lost the war on the day his father stole his shares in Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd. Losing his farm Campfornis left him without security to obtain any loan from the bank while he remained with debt on his name for game purchased for the farm … his personal estate was sequestrated.

George was left with his Alldays-escape in the alcohol of his bottle, while the battle of his profession continued with the all-white Law Society of the Transvaal. He was not willing to surrender without opposal. The fight was not over until the fat lady sings….

George was reckless in his defence on his shares in Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd … after a long argument on the phone with his mother and sister , who were on the farm at the time , he jumped in his Mercedes 280se with a bottle of Klipdrift brandy mixed with Coke on the way to Campfornis.

His sister Elmarie warned the police at Dendron … when George passed Dendron at about 20h00 the police were chasing him – he pushed the Mercedes to the limit and over the hill , while he was driving he switched off the lights and turned into the bush on the other side of the tar road – the squad of police cars rushed passed him to Alldays .

The fat lady was a recently appointed magistrate for the district of Pietersburg, without a handbag … George was defending a client at regional court … she has been visiting Ayesha at his office, discussing handbags.

On this day Ayesha remained home while George, on his way to regional court, handed her the handbag … crocodile-skinned. The fat lady felt it was her duty to report this as undue crocodilic influence of herself to adjucate on another matter.

The Council of the Law Society of the Transvaal had various options … send him to a rehabilitation centre while he was suspended. Being sequestrated he could not practise for his own account. They elected the “death sentence” … 1994. There is life after attorney and his infamous tragedy lives on in the South African law reports: Die Prokureursorde van Transvaal v Kleynhans 1995 (1) SA 893 (T)

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