Legal Representation

Legal Representation


This, 69 year old, elder in the NG-church {ouderling in die NG-kerk} is a gigolo wannabe who can’t keep his hands from the ladies in town, rumours have it that Chris Scott prefers married woman and even young girls who are off-limit.

The man was married for 37 years, the Scott family well known in the small rural town, however the true colours of this elderly gigalo emerged only after the proceedings of his divorce.

Deviously calculated, Mr. Scott used the oldest trick in the book to drive his wife over the edge, booking her into a mental institution at Vista Clinic, Pretoria.. a futile attempt to obtain a certificate that she is not fit and proper to be a mother or handle finances.

The master manipulator had to find another way to claim the bulk of the estate accumulated during the marriage.

Notable is the fact that Mr Scott as the provider for the family with his salary could afford the services of attorney Louwrens de Jager while his wife’s attorney withdrew without funds.

This article is published to warn parties who are involved in divorce proceedings to avoid any process without a legal representative at all costs.

The outcome for victims in these cases may be unfair, cruel and unconstitutional, who may suffer irrecoverable damages.

In this case Mrs Scott was persuaded by the shrewd husband to join him to the same {his} attorney, Louwrens de Jager making false promises of payment and the transfer of property.

Outrageous is the fact that the attorney of Mrs Scott, Monja Page, was well known to Louwrens de Jager, even more shocking, Monja Page handed her client over to Louwrens de Jager for payment received.

The stage was set for a grievious injustice to Mrs Scott.

Attorney Louwrens de Jager, who retired shortly afterwards, was fully aware of his un-ethical and unprofessional behavior, however proceeded to prejudice the “crazy” Mrs Scott into signing a so-called agreement in favour of his client.

Our empathy, even sympathy goes to these victims who are damaged for life, left with a “mad” inferior complex: “Are you crazy or am I?”

In this case Mrs Scott raised a beautiful family, being a dedicated mother and wife, suffered from the manipulation of a man that may be spotted as a pshycopath:

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  2. No Empathetic Feeling. Psychopaths are insensitive when it comes to dealing with other people’s …
  3. Perennial Absence Of Regret. Regardless of what effect their actions might have on someone, …
  4. Superficial And Shallow. Psychopaths are entertaining people when they want to be and they …

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Chris Scott, who is the real culprit, enjoys his life as a Gigolo with self-love with no regret.

George Kleynhans

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